Social Work

Minnesota Home Health Care
Minneapolis, St. Paul and Surrounding Areas

Our social workers help clients and families with a variety of issues, including:

  • Finding resources for necessary care
  • Coordinating meal delivery and other necessary services
  • Advising on housing, transportation, and long-term care options
  • Helping with outreach services, crisis prevention, and social rehabilitation
  • Planning supportive services for your return home
  • Assisting you, your caregivers, and other homecare staff

Home Health Care, Inc. social workers evaluate your physical and mental needs, as well as your support system. They are accustomed to handle challenging situations; whether someone is in need of service and resource recommendations, or looking for agencies to help cover medication and service costs. Our social workers use their expertise to provide assistance when it is needed most.

For more information about social work services, call us at 763.417.8888 or contact one of our Community Liaisons.

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